Self Storage - What to look for .........

What is the difference between good and bad storage.

Is cheapest always best?

Here is a short list of things that you might think about:

  • Size matters. Too big and you waste your money. Too small does  not do the job. Don't be under quoted.   As an example,  27m3 is the size of an average bedroom, enough for  a 2 bedroom apartment. Typically a mobile box storage solution provides 8m3. So you will need 3 mobile boxes for the same amount of storage.
  • Access. Make sure that you can get access to your goods when you need it, without paying access charges or fees. Do you need to give notice to get access?
  • Security. It is important that your goods are protected by "back to base" alarm systems and fire systems. With self storage, you hold the key to your storage unit.  Ask about resident Managers.
  • Pest Control. Good storage companies can show you their pest control systems. Storage in back sheds, garages, friends' bungalows and in containers adjacent to open paddocks is vulnerable to mice and other pests. This is particularly troublesome for furniture and clothing, papers and such like.
  • Ground Floor or Lift Access. Ground floor units are the easiest to use and there is no double handling of your goods. It saves you and your removalist time.
  • Fees. Some companies have cleaning, administration and fumigation fees. Or pick up and drop off fees for mobile boxes. Always ask. Ask how long before the next storage fee review.
  • Location.  Close to home or work is always most convenient. If you choose a mobile storage box ask where it will be located.
  • Agreement. Always ask for the Self Storage Association of Australia storage agreement. That way you know you will be protected. Make sure the storage company is a Member of SSAA.