Self Storage in Reservoir

Reservoir has come a long way since the early days in these photos, when there was plenty of space and no such thing as a storage problem.

Recently, Reservoir has become "hot property" and a great property investment choice for Melbournians. We know that it is also a great place to live and work.


If you were lucky enough to buy a home in Reservoir, you had the best of all worlds including a garage, even if you didn’t have a car to store!

Who would move from the big family lots with room for bikes and cubby houses and fruit trees?

Times have changed.

Because you don’t have storage for your extra things and because things change from time to time, we have a self storage facility right nearby, at 77 High Street, that you can access 7 days a week.


Self storage is as simple as deciding how much space you need and completing an agreement.

You store for just as long as you need and you keep the key to your unit.

If you want to talk about storage, self storage, car storage or caravan storage, call Andrew or Jill on 94652800 any day for some expert advice.

Or go to our website:
We can secure your household or business goods, cars, caravans, boats, pallets and we even have small offices to let.
Reservoir, we have storage for you!