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The key to a successful move is preparation. This means having plenty of moving boxes and other packing materials.

Choose from a wide range of recycled and new moving boxes, tape, bubblewrap, wrapping paper and covers.

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Merchandise Price List

Recycled Boxes


$2.00 ea



$3.00 ea



$3.50 ea


10 Recycled Boxes (any size)                                        

$30.00 per pack


20 recycled boxes (any size)

$50.00 per pack


50 Recycled Boxes (any size)

$100.00 per pack

New Boxes

Tea Chest Carton

$5.80 ea


Tea Chest Carton (5 pack)

$26.00 per pack


Book/Wine Carton

$3.80 ea


Book/Wine Carton (10pack)

$33.00 per pack


Archive Box

$4.80 ea


Archive Box (10 pack)

$43.00 per pack


Flat Pack/Linen Box

$9.00 ea


Picture/Mirror Carton

$7.50 ea


Port a Robe with rail

Kitchen Box with Dividers

$21.00 ea

$11.50 ea

Packaging Materials


$4.00 ea


Tape x 3 rolls



Tape x 6 rolls



Tape Dispenser Special (with free roll tape)



Butchers Paper 2.5kg (125 sheets)

$14.50 ea


Tissue Paper (50 sheets)

$5.00 ea


Marker Pen

$3.00 ea


Prepack 10 metres (500mm)

$12.00 ea


Prepack 5 metres (500mm)

$6.50 ea


By the metre (1500mm)

$3.00 per mtr


King Mattress Cover

$9.80 ea


Single Mattress Cover

$7.50 ea


3 Seater Couch Cover

$9.50 ea


Lounge Chair Cover (2 per pack)

$9.50 per pack


Dining Chair Cover ( 2 per pack)

$6.50 per pack


Solid Brass Lock

$15.00 ea


Combination Lock

$20.00 ea